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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

From Pundit Kitchen

So wait, we become a party of Pedophiles and Corporate whores?
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Monday, April 14, 2008

The New Democratic Party Reps for the 88th!

Say hello to the new Democratic Party reps for the 88th legislative district!

The handsome man pictured is Reggie Thomas, your new LD Chair, and the woman is me, Sarah Glenn, your new Vice Chair.

Together, we hope to strengthen the Democratic voice in the 88th. People tend to associate the suburbs with Republican voters, but we are proof that it just isn't so. The turnout for the precinct conventions on April 5th was much larger than it was in 2004, and several precincts have their first Democratic representation in years.

Look forward to some changes this cycle!


Friday, April 11, 2008

Welcome to Webbville

Tom Eblen reports that the Webbs are a tad peeved about some of the comments on his blog.

Developer Dudley Webb has been irritated by some of the anonymous comments readers have left on my blog about his CentrePointe development. What really set him off were the ones criticizing the previous buildings he and his brother, Donald, have added to Lexington’s skyline.

Especially the ones about 'Festival Market' being a bust, because they're true?

I remember when it went up (showing my age here). Everyone went down to visit it once, then stopped. Traffic was lousy, you had to pay for parking (as opposed to other malls), and the businesses inside were all high-priced and largely not of interest to the people coming to the facility (downtown employees and hotel guests). For years, the city tried to increase traffic to it, just as they tried to increase downtown commerce. The Lexington Financial Center still has empty rooms without sheetrock.

Snark aside, Dudley Webb's response included sharing their vision of downtown with Eblen... circa 1986. He wanted the Herald-Leader blogger to see what their original vision was for downtown. All but "Lake Lexington" have been completed, although the final combination of elements is somewhat different.

Click here to enlarge

The green space they've created around downtown sets it off nicely, but even in 1986 they would have had to tear down a great number of homes and apartment buildings to achieve that much green space. As for Lake Lexington, it would have taken up the Salvation Army and the area now used for Rupp Arena parking. The newest addition, Centrepointe, would "create the most dangerous possible conditions for the hapless pedestrian", according to a retired professor of architecture.

These, plus the Webb's motto of "Developing Tomorrow’s Landmarks" highlight an important point: the structures are important. Not the people using them, or their needs. In this case, the 'landmarks' are all Webb landmarks. They don't seem to want to share, either: the city tried to find ways to encourage businesses to come downtown and inhabit Festival Market, but when another group - the arts community - began having some success, the Webbs did not want the city to offer them similar considerations.

In spite of the guidelines already set up by the city designers for downtown, or proposed alternate plans, or concerns about lack of sewer infrastructure, this block must come down so their hotel can go up. No, another location won't do. No, the blueprints have been 18 months in the works and they can't be changed now to accomodate historical buildings. The Centrepointe project has simply been foisted upon us full-grown, like a Bizarro World version of Athena springing from Zeus' head.

Instead of practical, the idea is impractical. Instead of being useful to people, it is clear that the hotel would be a great inconvenience. Some call it a 'landmark', but I call it... egotism. What else do you call the desire to create downtown in your image?

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Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The Bluegrass Blogger Bash!

This Friday, I am one of the invited guests at the Bluegrass Blogger Bash, which will take place in the University of Kentucky Student Center. The focus of the event is political blogging, so I was invited on the basis of my work on blogs like Bluegrass Roots and Focus on the 88th.

It's nice to get a little recognition for blogging, a largely unpaid activity. I can't help it, though, when elected officials (and the occasional developer) provide me with so much material. Come by, if you can!

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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Live in the 88th? Be At Your Polling Place This Saturday!

Want progressives to really have a voice in the political process? Then attend the Precinct Conventions this Saturday! The 88th legislative district is woefully underrepresented in the Democratic Party, and we could use your help.

How do precinct leaders influence the party? They elect the Legislative District chairs (Fayette County is divided into Legislative Districts: 77th, 88th, etc.). Those chairs form the base of the Fayette County Executive Committee, and elect the At-Large members. They also elect delegates to the State Convention (June 7th), where the state party leadership will be determined.

The Precinct Convention will take place at YOUR POLLING PLACE this Saturday. Be there by 10 AM to have a say in the future of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Get the forms at:

After the meeting, one person just needs to take them to the Fayette County HQ at 431 South Broadway (268-4448).

April 5
Precinct Conventions
Location: Your local polling place, 10:00 am

Democrats meet to elect Precinct Leaders (Man, Woman and Youth). They are responsible for electing the County Executive Committee and delegates to the State Convention, as well as staying in contact with local democrats and recruiting Democratic nominees for office when there are vacancies.