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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

A Memorial Worth Remembering

I took the picture above at the Lexington Cemetery this past weekend. I have no idea who's boots these are, but someone placed them in one of my favorite vantage points for looking at the tulip garden. They reminded me that we are still at war. In a hostile land, far away from Lexington, young people are dying. The owner of these boots will probably never get to see the tulips bloom again, or the weeping cherries.

This little memorial will pass away. At some point it will be removed from the cemetery. It should not vanish from our collective memory. These empty boots have a story to tell. They once contained a member of our military, a citizen of our city and our nation. This was a Lexingtonian who made the ultimate sacrifice so that I could enjoy another Kentucky spring. I hope the spirit of this fallen solider finds peace, among the tulips, dogwoods, redbuds and weeping cherries.

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