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Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Southside Meet and Greet photos!

The first meet-and-greet hosted by the 88th Legislative District took place last night in Hartland. We saw many familiar faces, but we also spotted a few new ones! Two people drove in from Mercer County, simply because they wanted to get more involved with the Democratic Party but didn’t know whom to contact.

Reggie Thomas, chair of the 88th, addressed the crowd and revved us up for the evening. He spoke about the respect America used to enjoy in the international sphere and our need to regain it. There were cheers when he proposed that electing Barack Obama would be a large step in the right direction.

Jeremy Horton, listening to David O'Neill speak. When his turn came, Jeremy stressed how important it was for Democrats to talk to their friends and neighbors. Signs and bumper stickers are great, but conversation is more effective.

Jonathan Miller spoke of having a different problem: his neighbors were all Republicans. This year, however, he senses a new excitement in the suburbs: Democrat excitement. He believes that Democrats can win in the suburbs, which goes against traditional expectations.

The final speaker, newlywed Dan Mongiardo. He reminded everyone of his close race against Jim Bunning in 2004, and how he had only lost by 1%. Every vote counts. He also spoke about the rumors and swiftboating (we have the GOP to thank for that neologism) he suffered during that campaign, and how important it is to combat smears and outright lying through directly challenging the rumor-mongers.

Chilling after the speeches were over! Dan Shumer tells us that the 45th is planning an ice cream social later this month. We'll be there with our spoons.

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