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Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Stan Lee Can't Answer a Simple Question About the Unborn

Stan Lee has hammered Kentuckians over the years about the worth of the preborn. He is an outspoken foe of abortion, and some years back sponsored the fetal homicide bill. So, in the exchange below, you would think that answering a simple question about whether an insurance company should pay compensation for the loss of an unborn child would be simple. Well, no, it isn't, not if you're working for someone that doesn't want to pay it.

From Bluegrass Roots:
I'm sure most of you remember the tragic accident in a Lexington parking garage in 2006 when a concrete panel fell on top of Stephanie Hufnagel, killing her and her eight-month old fetus, Sydney. Later that year, a lawsuit was filed by Hufnagel's spouse, Brian, for damages. Among them was a claim for damages involving the "loss of his minor unborn child."

Well, it turns out that Lee is the lawyer for the insurance company of one of the defendants, and is now fighting tooth-and-nail that Mr. Hufnagel should not be able to recover damages for the loss of the unborn fetus.

See the video below for how Jack Conway called Stan out on his hypocrisy, then asks him to answer a simple question, based on principle:

Many thanks to Page One Kentucky for the video.

Naturally, if Stan were to suggest that Hufnagel deserved compensation for the loss of his unborn child, he would lose a client. It was a time for him to stand up for his purported principles, not his professional income - and his income won.