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Friday, March 30, 2007

The Primary Election is Drawing Near

Have you made up your mind on which candidates to support?

Do You even know what races are being run this year or who is running?

The questions have to be asked because I have discovered that there are Lexington residents who don't know that one of the most widely watched races in the nation is taking place now. That's right. Kentucky's governors race is drawing national attention and you have the chance to be part of this historic event.

I would personally like to see Lexington's Jonathan Miller win, but will post information any other candidate sends me. With seven candidates in the Democratic race and three Republican choices we have a lot of options for the kind of government we want.

Get involved. Make a difference. Now is your moment to make the next resident of our state house one we can be proud of electing.


Miller-Maze Campaign Update

Central KY Friends --

The Miller-Maze campaign has had a great couple of weeks! Yesterday, the influential grassroots organization Change for Kentucky gave Jonathan and Irv its first ever statewide candidate endorsement. Two days ago, Miller-Maze announced its best fundraising month to date (and we are the only campaign to voluntarily disclose contributor details or totals since the end of 2006). Last week, a supporter sent us a hilarious YouTube video -- A Little More Action -- that morphs the King of Rock & Roll into my brother. And the campaign has issued several more detailed issue papers, plus a new video blog (vlog).

Check out (or our Facebook and MySpace pages) for details on campaign news, and links to both official and volunteer Miller-Maze videos.

While Jonathan spends much of his time travelling around the state, he will be in town for 3 fun events in Lexington soon, and I hope you can join me for one or more of these:

Jonathan and acclaimed author Silas House will lead an event from 5pm to 7pm at the McConnell Springs Nature Center.
Co-hosts include: Dobree Adams and Jonathan Greene; Betsy Bennett; Rick Gersony; Hank Graddy; Jane and Mark Jensen; Kenneth Mansfield; Mary Pattengill and Jeremy Horton; Van Meter Pettit; Marcie Alyse Smith; and Susan and Scott White.
The suggested contribution is $50. See the attached invitation for more details.

This fundraising reception starts at 5pm, and has a suggested contribution of $250. Tom and Lisa Fryman join me, Julia and Jimmy as co-hosts. E-mail me if you are interested in more information about this reception.

A Concert for Kentucky's Future
Jonathan Miller, Democrat for Governor
Silas House
The Moxies
and Chico Fellini

The Dame
156 West Main St., Lexington

For fans of: real change for Kentucky; fresh approaches to solving Kentucky's problems; responsible government; environmental stewardship; universal health care coverage; and college affordability.

$5 per person
ages 18 & up



Neil Bell
Olivia Carigan
Chris Hall

Christopher Dennison
Emily Hagihara
Brandon Judd
Duane Lundy

I hope to see you soon!

-- Jennifer

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beshear-Mongiardo on Healthcare

Dear Friend,

81,000 Kentucky children without health care. A rank of 39th in health status for Kentuckians. An 84% rise in health care premiums without an equal rise in wages. These figures speak volumes: it is time for Kentucky to make health care a priority. Dr. Mongiardo and I agree that Kentucky needs strong leadership to begin Putting Patients First.

As Governor, I will provide this leadership and carry out a plan that invokes real change in our state by expanding quality, affordable health care coverage to all Kentuckians. We will aggressively control costs so that those with insurance will not lose it and the 550,000 uninsured Kentuckians can afford it.

"Putting Patients First" is the most comprehensive and effective plan to date.

First, we will expand health care by:

* Covering all of Kentucky's children
* Allowing young adults to keep family coverage up to age 25
* Providing relief for small businesses

Secondly, the plan puts in place specific measures to control runaway health care costs by:

* Progressing toward a 21st Century e-Health network
* Improving patient safety and quality
* Investing in preventative care
* Controlling pharmaceutical spending
* Cracking down on Medicaid fraud and abuse

To read our full plan, please click here.

It is long overdue we stop merely talking about health care: we must start moving Kentucky forward, with real measurable changes. Every Kentuckian needs and deserves quality, affordable health care. This plan - and our leadership - will get the job done.

Thank you

Steve Beshear
Steve Beshear

Lunsford-Stumbo Campaign

Dear friend,

Democrats Bruce Lunsford and Greg Stumbo are doing something different than typical politicians usually do during election season. They are listening to voters.

They're listening at a series of Bluegrass Barbecues being held throughout Kentucky. Through a grassroots campaign effort, voters are invited to sit down to dinner with Bruce and Greg and ask them questions about the issues that matter to them.

The campaign unveiled a schedule of Bluegrass Barbecues this week, with two dozen stops planned all across the state before the May 22 Democratic primary. Make sure to check the schedule and plan to meet Bruce and Greg when they’re in your neighborhood.

Bruce and Greg really enjoy talking to everyday Kentuckians about their concerns and passions. In a relaxed setting, they are able to address voters’ questions and talk about their Blueprint for Change – The Plan to Get Kentucky Back in Business.

The Bluegrass BBQs represent the open style of government Bruce and Greg are committed to bringing to Frankfort. Every Kentuckian can and should have real input on decisions being made in Frankfort.

This week, we had an office opening in Prestonsburg, Greg’s hometown. The fact that more than 100 people showed up to support the campaign continues the strong momentum that we’re building.

Thanks to all of you who have already sent in photos for our Banner photo contest. Don’t forget we’ll be changing the main banner photos on the Web site, and inserting the best photos you send in showcasing our great state. Send the photos to


The Lunsford-Stumbo Campaign for Change

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Miller-Maze Campaign Update

Dear Friend:

It’s only Wednesday and our campaign is all about a little less talk and a lot more action. Monday and Tuesday were really remarkable days with our second voluntary campaign finance disclosure showing our strongest fundraising month to date and a major statewide endorsement.

Just yesterday, Change for Kentucky, the state coalition organization of Democracy for America, responded to our record of problem solving and our commitment to action by endorsing our campaign. CFK champions endorsed candidates by training, empowering and mobilizing grassroots campaign volunteers.

Throughout our careers, Irv Maze and I have identified challenges, asked the tough questions and acted with innovation to fix the problems. CFK’s action in organizing for candidates has proven highly effective in other elections and we believe it will help us will win this primary. I am grateful for the trust CFK members have put in us, and I am thrilled by their commitment to this campaign. Learn more about the CFK endorsement.

And on Monday with the help of many of you and friends across the Commonwealth we were able to report our best fundraising month with $225,500. On our second voluntary disclosure to show our commitment to campaign finance reform through more frequent reporting, our totals – more than $818,000 overall so far -- reflected strength and positive response to our record as problem solvers. Though we renewed our challenge to our opponents to disclose their finances, they again refused. Read more about our fundraising success.

We are excited about the strength our campaign is gaining. Each day we broaden our base of support with new volunteers and contributors. Every day we are joined by Kentuckians who believe, as we do, that Kentucky needs strong leaders who will leave all the bickering behind and act on our problems – and opportunities – to get positive results.

We’ve come a very long way in a short amount of time, but there is so much more to do. Irv and I need your help. If you haven’t already volunteered or contributed, please do it today. We are about to launch our television campaign so your contributions, and those of your friends and family members, are needed to purchase expensive TV time. Our path to victory is clear if we can just communicate our message to the electorate. Please, contribute or persuade others to do so today.

Jonathan Miller

P.S. There are only 55 days remaining until the May 22 primary. Momentum is on our side. Please, help us keep the wind at our backs by joining Miller-Maze 2007 today! Your contribution of $25 all the way up to the maximum of $1,000 will help us buy expensive tv time.