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Thursday, March 29, 2007

Beshear-Mongiardo on Healthcare

Dear Friend,

81,000 Kentucky children without health care. A rank of 39th in health status for Kentuckians. An 84% rise in health care premiums without an equal rise in wages. These figures speak volumes: it is time for Kentucky to make health care a priority. Dr. Mongiardo and I agree that Kentucky needs strong leadership to begin Putting Patients First.

As Governor, I will provide this leadership and carry out a plan that invokes real change in our state by expanding quality, affordable health care coverage to all Kentuckians. We will aggressively control costs so that those with insurance will not lose it and the 550,000 uninsured Kentuckians can afford it.

"Putting Patients First" is the most comprehensive and effective plan to date.

First, we will expand health care by:

* Covering all of Kentucky's children
* Allowing young adults to keep family coverage up to age 25
* Providing relief for small businesses

Secondly, the plan puts in place specific measures to control runaway health care costs by:

* Progressing toward a 21st Century e-Health network
* Improving patient safety and quality
* Investing in preventative care
* Controlling pharmaceutical spending
* Cracking down on Medicaid fraud and abuse

To read our full plan, please click here.

It is long overdue we stop merely talking about health care: we must start moving Kentucky forward, with real measurable changes. Every Kentuckian needs and deserves quality, affordable health care. This plan - and our leadership - will get the job done.

Thank you

Steve Beshear
Steve Beshear


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