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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bill Farmer: Another Blog Heard From

Ralph Long calls 'bullsh*t' to Farmer's claim of voting for stem cell research (Chris Frost proposes adding a constitutional amendment permitting it).

In the 2006 General Assembly the only bill relating to stem cell research was HB 347 that wanted to ban stem cell research and was shelved in the Judiciary Committee. Farmer is not on the Judiciary Committee so he didn’t vote for it there.

This is the part I really like, though:
And Bill Farmer doesn’t support “changing the Constitution for social reasons”.

I must have missed this one.

But, did he vote against the gay marriage amendment? If gay marriage wasn’t done for a social reason, then I have no idea why it was done.

I can answer this one: Farmer voted for the amendment, and he wouldn't even send my partner or me a form letter acknowledging our calls or hand-written letters. I never received a response from Bill Farmer on anything, in fact, until he had an opponent in the 2006 Republican primary. Even Jim Bunning sends me form letters!


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