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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Not So Fancy Farm Picnic 2006

Just for the record, the biannual "Not-So-Fancy Farm Picnic" hosted by Change for Kentucky fell in a week when major bands of rain were passing through the state. Discussions of postponing the picnic went on for days before the final decision was made to go on with the picnic as planned. The event was not without bumps. Those setting up for the picnic faced downpour after downpour, and fears that nobody would show up. Yet, despite a sultry evening, continued threats of rain, and wet grass, this year's "Not-So-Fancy Farm" was better attended than the 2004 event. This is quite an accomplishment, especially considering general voter apathy in an off-year election.

If you missed it, you missed a lot of important information about the candidates in the 88th. You missed hearing Chris Frost, candidate for the 88th District House of Representatives seat, talk about his reasons for running. Professor Frost is a first-time candidate, but last night's stump speech indicates he is coming on strong in the race. I hope other readers were there last night to meet and talk to him in person. If not, his message and his vision for the 88th can be found on his web site. Just click on the link to the left of this post.

Justin Dobbs, candidate for the 7th District City Council seat, also spoke briefly. I have already stated my reasons for supporting Dobbs in this race, and will not go into them here. I do hope readers will take the time to listen to what he has to say as he walks the neighborhoods of the 7th, or visit his web site.

Judicial candidates Mary Noble and Ross Stinetorf were added to the speakers list after my post earlier this week. Lexington Council at-large candidates Steve Kay and Jim Gray spoke, and both Mayor Teresa Isaac and her opponent Jim Newberry addressed voters last night. Isaac and Newberry are both Democrats, but they offer very different opinions of the direction our city should be taking. All of these races are important to voters of the 88th. If you missed last night's opportunity to meet these candidates, look for the places they will be speaking between now and November. Voting is an important duty, but those votes need to be cast by an informed electorate.


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