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Friday, November 10, 2006

Post Election Thoughts

First off, I am still stuck with Bill Farmer as my Representative. Chris Frost ran a good race but lost to the incumbent. This is not a great surprise. It is much easier to run against a record that is counter to your political views than it is to dislodge an incumbent who does practically nothing. I cannot say Farmer is a bad person or that he has introduced legislation harmful to the 88th. For the most part, Farmer warms the seat and votes with his party.

I think we deserve better representation. Apparently, a majority of voters in the 88th disagree. This is what elections are about. I will try to dislodge him again in a couple of years and repeat as necessary. So long as I live in the 88th Farmer will never have an uncontested election. As lazy as he is in the Legislature, I am sure that eventually he will get tired of working hard to get re-elected.

Then there is Alice; she managed to walk away from Judge Keller in this election. How? Was it her great work in introducing Breast Cancer legislation a year after virtually the same bill was introduced by the Democrats? Does she really think it speaks well of her to confess that the bill would have helped Kentucky women a year sooner if her party had not cared more about who got the credit than who needed help? Way to go Senator! Never mind those cancer patients who died waiting for your kind of compassion.

OK. I am a little bitter. Across the country Americans told the Republican Party that we are sick and tired of their selfish, sloppy, lazy, greedy and/or incompetent leadership. The 88th is a little behind the times. In my little corner of the world the Republicans are still running things. I just got a rerun of past mistakes in both the state house and senate. Just to make it perfect, the election also gave me a brand new Republican voice in the City Council.

There are a few bright spots. Democrats across the nation are coming on strong. Lexington just added some great folks to the city council. Louisville ejected Ann Northrop from congress. Mary Noble won a landslide victory over Justice Roach. There is hope. Maybe next time the 88th will be ready to have some better representatives.


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