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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Reason to celebrate!

Gwen and I on the eve of the election. The other two people are Jane Jensen (vice chair of the Fayette County Dem Party, and former co-chair of Change For Kentucky) and Reggie Thomas (LD chair for the 88th; he traveled to several different counties to get votes for Obama – one of them only had one African-American registered voter!).

We lost the state for Obama and Lunsford, but the nation was won... and we had several local wins in Fayette County.

Obama and Lunsford had a strong showing in the 88th. To see the results by precinct, go to:

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Saturday, November 01, 2008

7th District Council Race: K.C. Crosbie vs. Chris Logan

I've been relatively quiet about the contest in the 7th District this time, unlike two years ago. The choice is less clear-cut, since neither candidate appears to be particularly progressive or gay-friendly (although I am still grateful to Scott Crosbie for supporting Lexington's Fairness Ordinance when he was sitting on the Council).

K.C. and I were on different sides of the water issue, a strike against her, but she has at least worked on getting the roads in her district repaired. As far as I know, she hasn't proposed anything anti-gay. I know less about Chris Logan, but I am concerned about what I do know.

We came home one day to find his materials on our door, and have received mailings since. He advertises himself as follows: "The experience I have gained as a Pastor, a financial planner, and as a small business owner makes me the best candidate to represent you."

Hmm. I wonder what he thought of our "May Goddess Bless" sign. He says he's for green space, but his survey with Kentuckians for the Commonwealth indicates that he's one of those pastors that doesn't think gay people should even be able to PAY to share health care with a loved one (since that's how the LFUCG health care works). Not a surprise, but there are plenty of people who love green space who are a lot more open minded.

I worry that Pastor Logan might have an agenda to further besides preserving green space (so many pastors seem fixated on us gay folks). There's gay-unsupportive, and then there's legislating morality. At this point, I'm debating whether I should sit this particular race out or vote for the evil I know. Does anyone out there have further information?

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