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Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Cornholing the 88th

Many thanks to Ralph Long, who alerted us to a prefiled bill by Bill Farmer, the 88th's state rep. It was able to draw his attention away from the depredations of his own rep, Stan Lee, which is saying a lot.

BR 224 names Cornhole as the official game of Kentucky.

What the @#@?!?!?! The other prefiled bills (so far) all pertain to stuff like runoff elections, special sessions, and other governmental subjects. It's not even characteristic of Farmer, who usually focuses on tax and government accounting matters with his bills. Does he have in-laws that would profit with this sport? I'd understand nepotism, a long-standing Kentucky tradition. Is he getting kickbacks on... gasp... equipment? I see that the official Cornhole bags are red and blue. These are not the colors that come first to my imagination.

My wife says that now the 88th will be the 'butt' of 90 million jokes. I think Farmer's been spending too much time during March calculating taxes instead of watching the NCAA. At the very least, he should suggest a sport most Kentuckians have heard of. Instead, he's proposing new reasons for Jay Leno to make fun of our state.

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Thursday, September 06, 2007

YouTube: Fletcher's Felons

Why wait on the campaigns to create commercials, when you can create your own? There are more clips on Zenhammer's page.

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