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Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Live in the 88th? Be At Your Polling Place This Saturday!

Want progressives to really have a voice in the political process? Then attend the Precinct Conventions this Saturday! The 88th legislative district is woefully underrepresented in the Democratic Party, and we could use your help.

How do precinct leaders influence the party? They elect the Legislative District chairs (Fayette County is divided into Legislative Districts: 77th, 88th, etc.). Those chairs form the base of the Fayette County Executive Committee, and elect the At-Large members. They also elect delegates to the State Convention (June 7th), where the state party leadership will be determined.

The Precinct Convention will take place at YOUR POLLING PLACE this Saturday. Be there by 10 AM to have a say in the future of the Kentucky Democratic Party. Get the forms at:

After the meeting, one person just needs to take them to the Fayette County HQ at 431 South Broadway (268-4448).

April 5
Precinct Conventions
Location: Your local polling place, 10:00 am

Democrats meet to elect Precinct Leaders (Man, Woman and Youth). They are responsible for electing the County Executive Committee and delegates to the State Convention, as well as staying in contact with local democrats and recruiting Democratic nominees for office when there are vacancies.



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