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Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Bill Farmer: Another Blog Heard From

Ralph Long calls 'bullsh*t' to Farmer's claim of voting for stem cell research (Chris Frost proposes adding a constitutional amendment permitting it).

In the 2006 General Assembly the only bill relating to stem cell research was HB 347 that wanted to ban stem cell research and was shelved in the Judiciary Committee. Farmer is not on the Judiciary Committee so he didn’t vote for it there.

This is the part I really like, though:
And Bill Farmer doesn’t support “changing the Constitution for social reasons”.

I must have missed this one.

But, did he vote against the gay marriage amendment? If gay marriage wasn’t done for a social reason, then I have no idea why it was done.

I can answer this one: Farmer voted for the amendment, and he wouldn't even send my partner or me a form letter acknowledging our calls or hand-written letters. I never received a response from Bill Farmer on anything, in fact, until he had an opponent in the 2006 Republican primary. Even Jim Bunning sends me form letters!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Herald-Leader: Endorsement for the 88th

Recently, the Lexington Herald-Leader endorsed Chris Frost for the state house seat in the 88th District:
Kentucky needs strong, independent, innovative leaders, and Frost has the potential to become one of them. Frost would be joining the majority party in the House but hardly as someone who would ask for instructions.

He has been openly critical of his party's focus on broad platitudes and conservative social issues without offering any real vision for Kentucky or the nation.

A respected law professor and an expert in contracts and commercial law, Frost would bring his training as a researcher, analyst and debater to the critical problems facing Kentucky.

Bill Farmer's response, mostly focusing on his accomplishments, was published last Wednesday:
As a member of the minority caucus, I have experience working with members of both parties. I was a co-sponsor of House Bill 3 which is one of the toughest sex offender laws in the country.

I was a co-sponsor of the small business-tax relief bill. Pride of authorship does not matter to me. What really matters is that we pass good legislation for all of the people of Kentucky.

Not a bad response, but I found the following line most amusing:
By endorsing my opponent the editorial board is supporting one of its own, a leftist who masquerades as a moderate only when beneficial to accomplishing his radical agenda.

I do wish Republicans would quit using this cliche. Most of them have never met a real leftist. I have, and Frost hardly fills the bill. Unfortunately, public policy has shifted so far to the right that anything that smacks of centrism is considered 'leftist' and 'liberal'.

It's time for a change in leadership, both in Frankfort and nationwide. Vote for Frost next week!

Sarah G

Monday, October 02, 2006

Wednesday: Supreme Court Candidate Forum

This Wednesday, candidates John Roach and Mary Noble will be participating in a forum at the UK College of Law. The details are below:

Wednesday, October 4, 2006
8:00pm - 9:30pm
UK College of Law, Court Room
620 S. Limestone
Lexington, KY

Most of the questions to be asked will have been written by students in PS 463, American Judicial Process, and reviewed by UK instructors. It ought to be very educational for the students, and could be for voters as well. Unlike previous election years, judges are now permitted to give their opinions about various issues like abortion and gun ownership. For good or ill, it's led to new public interest in judicial campaigns.

Since space in the room is limited, the hosts prefer that you RSVP. You can do this through Facebook (UK event ID #2211638653), or by contacting Jennifer Miller.

Now, for an aside:

Not to get too tacky, but if my last name were "Roach", I wouldn't make my Web site background or my bumper stickers the shade of brown Justice Roach has chosen. The color just helps the viewer make the connection the fellow's last name already suggests.

The layout of the bumper stickers also positively screams for some joker to print up a cockroach graphic and slap it on the blank brown space on the upper right hand corner. Hell, it's big enough for an Avery 5160 label.

Sir, you have enough problems promoting the name 'Roach' over 'Noble'. Don't add to your difficulties by emphasizing certain associations!