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Monday, November 01, 2004

Above and Beyond: a Summary

By guest blogger Sarah G:

This has been the busiest year for me in a looooong time, perhaps the busiest year ever. Since the debacle with the KY General Assembly in April, I have become increasingly involved in the political sphere. I have also discovered depths of strength and willpower I never suspected existed within myself.

Despite my introversion, despite my dislike of outdoor activities, I have spent the last six months going door-to-door, talking with people about the anti-gay amendment. I also volunteered for Kerry, hoping to pull the teeth of the GOP leadership, the real source of the 13 anti-marriage amendments appearing on state ballots this year. Realizing that the problem also had to be attacked at the roots, my wife and I joined Change for Kentucky, a progressive group seeking to change the political landscape of this state. We helped them present their "Not-S0-Fancy-Farm" and select their "CFK 12", the dozen candidates they endorsed this year. I also participated in 8 of their 12 action days.

I learned how to phonebank, to canvass, deliver yard signs, and perform lit drops. I taught myself Microsoft Publisher, and began creating my own anti-amendment flyers and signs for distribution. I haven't done the final tally yet, but I estimate that I distributed over 2000 pieces of material by myself, and another thousand with the help of my wife. I also learned how to load a staple gun.

My arches are falling and I have blisters on my feet, but I have the security of not feeling guilty about any votes that don't go my way, because I know I did my best. I also have the satisfaction of looking back on a year of breaking new ground and succeeding at it.

Sarah G


Blogger Gwen Mayo said...

Sarah does not mention the fact that I have frequently pressed her into assisting me in the Mt. Rushmore neighborhood. She designed and printed my flyers and accompanied me on every walk. It is through her efforts that I was able to give every Democrat in Mt. Rushmore a map to the polls, a slate of candidates, and such information as the candidates provided to be distributed.

When I was too ill to keep working, she carried on alone at home and with CFK. I was only able to do seven of the twelve candidate events. Sarah left me resting at home while she accompanied the CFK folks to walk for Adam Smith. She distributed flyers through part of Mt. Rushmore without me. For her work, her loving support, and her dedication to the effort to bring meaningful change to Kentucky's political landscape "thank you" seems insufficient.

Tonight, when we leave our offices, we will be out there again. Working for what we believe is right. Both of us will be doing everything we can right up to the time the polls close tomorrow. Hopefully we will have a few victories to celebrate tomorrow night. But win or lose we will have done everything we possibly could to make a difference. If enough people can say that, lasting improvement will have been made.

11:03 AM  

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