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Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The Christian Factor and Willful Ignorance

As a child, I was told never to discuss politics or religion because they might offend someone. Perhaps that is half-true. Discussing politics or religion will almost always offend someone, but we must discuss both. We must talk about what often call the "Christian factor" in politics. There is an element of political discourse in this country that is willfully ignorant of everything except electing "good Christians" to office. I am not sure what makes a "good Christian" except that it has very little to do with being Christ like.

Over the years I have learned to accept apathy from half of the population, but I cannot accept the willful ignorance of voters. The followers in the world o not care enough about the decision making process to participate at even the lowest level of citizenship. They are the sorts of people every power hungry despot depends upon. They often get the government they deserve. I often get the government the willfully ignorant stick me with.

The willfully ignorant ignore political news, never look at legislative web sites, and do not attend candidate forums or party conventions. These folks will hang up the phone when a campaign calls them, refuse to answer the door when precinct walkers knock, throw away the literature left by candidates. Yet they will show up on Election Day and cast their vote. There is no shortage of information available about who and what is on the ballot; but the willfully ignorant will cling to their ignorance, wrap it in the God, Christianity, and the flag.

If we are lucky they will at least look over the candidate guide passed out at church, most will not read past the names. Yet, they will walk into voting booths all across America next week, close their eyes, and cast a ballot. These people are adding their voices to those of people who have taken the time to educate themselves on the issues or the candidate’s positions.

God save America from the willfully ignorant!


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