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Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Judge Reeves Deals a Serious Blow to Judicial Ethics

The Family Foundation has won the first round of the legal battle to overturn the Kentucky Judicial Ethics Rules which prevent candidates in state judicial races from talking about issue positions. US District Court Judge Danny Reeves has ruled that restrictions on judicial candidates announcing their stance on a policital issue is a violation of the candidate's rights to free speech. If upheld courts which must make decisions on complex issues could be headed by judges who reduced those issues to sound bites in order to get elected. Neither judges not the legal system in Kentucky need or want this ruling. So who benefits?

Perhaps, the conservative group who brought the case before the federal court thinks they will benefit from the ruling. In the short term, they might. However, if they force judges to go on record as being for issues like posting the Ten Commandments they will also be forcing those judges to recuse themselves when a case of that sort comes before them. The only people who will actually gain by this decision are the political advertisers. Normally quiet judges races are likely to become as politically charged as the legislative races. May God help us all!


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