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Monday, October 04, 2004

You can make a Difference

For those who have forgotten their roots take the time to read the next few remarks. People willing to sacrifice, time, energy, and money gave whatever was needed to make the American experiment work. All along the way "America" was an ideal, a dream of what could be accomplished by people working together. Our country is not perfect, but for all the bad feeling we have generated abroad and all the apathy at home, the ideal remains as shining and elusive as ever. It is up to us to make the ideal a reality.

There are still homeless in our streets, children still go to bed hungry, our schools and civic organizations still need more things than I can innumerate. Your neighbor needs your help; if not the one across the street then go a block or two in any direction. Our parks and streets need your attention. Get involved in making a difference.

I hear people talk about having no interest in politics and I want to scream, "What's the matter with you!" The only thing that has ever changed the level of greed and corruption in high places is the dedicated efforts of ordinary people. All around me political campaigns are begging for volunteers. Dozens of excellent volunteer organizations are in desperate need of people to carry on the fight for change. Get involved in making a difference.

These are dangerous times. Our seniors and out children are being victimized. Drugs, guns, thieves, rapist, and child molesters are on the streets. We need more police, more neighborhood watch organizations, and more citizen involvement in every level of community building. For whoever and whatever you hold dear, get involved. You can make a difference. Dedicated citizens are the only thing that can change our nation.


Blogger Sarah G said...

Many people feel bombarded by the many voices out there. Ads, sound bites on CNN, letters pleading for money. It may seem overwhelming to a beginner - too much information coming in at the same time.
My suggestion? Find ONE THING you really care about. You don't have to save the entire world, but you can make a difference in your little corner of it.
...Care about your kids? Take note of what is going on at your school, and the state school system in general.
...Worry about the food you are eating? can direct you to a multitude of sites concerned with recipes, nutrition, packaging, etc. Skim till you find the information you're interested in. Zero in and learn what you can. If something upsets you, chances are some wingnut has already set up a way to complain to the proper people. If not, find the information yourself. Pass it on to your friends.
...Think all politicians suck? Why not figure out exactly HOW they suck, and start ranking them accordingly? Find one who doesn't suck. A clue: you're more likely to find them in a local race. Contact them and help them out - be that good influence they need, the voice that counteracts Big Money. If you can't find one, why not find a contest YOU can run in? Believe me, most of our elected officials are not rocket scientists or experts in macroeconomics - you don't have to be either.
It's time to start giving a damn again.
Sarah G

3:44 PM  

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