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Thursday, September 23, 2004

What this is About

Focus on Ky's 88th LD is about issues and events that impact the lives of people living in Kentucky's 88th Legislative District. Topics can range from the neighborhoods and schools to national or world events that have a direct effect on us. Politics are important to our lives. When the legislature is in session or the Lexington city council meets I will be discussing how we are represented. However crime, neighborhood meetings, school events, and social organization activities that involve the citizens of the 88th district are also important to the quality of our lives. Expect the topics to cover anything that gets my attention and affects people in 88th district.

Please remember that postings are my opinions, which I hope are fair. However, as my opinions, they are not balanced unless others with different opinions express them. I urge readers, particularly those living in the 88th Legislative District, to contribute their own views on the topic, draw my attention to issues I haven't addressed, or give thoughtful feedback on the issues discussed here. I also ask you to be thoughtful in your comments. Disagree if you wish but please keep it honest and be prepared to cite the source of your information.


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