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Friday, September 24, 2004

Should Kentucky Teachers be headed to Frankfort Monday?

Yesterday, I was commenting on the special session Governor Fletcher has called to deal with the health care crisis facing Kentucky's teachers and other state employees. If you are not familiar with the crisis, this is a simplified version of events. Governor Fletcher announced the signing of contracts with health care providers that would significantly increase the out of pocket expenses state workers, teachers, and retirees would have to pay for health care coverage. In response the Kentucky Education Association voted to go on strike October 27, 2004 unless their current benefits are restored. In the face of mounting opposition to the rate increases the Governor called a special session of the state legislature to deal with the crisis.

On Monday, a week before the special session is scheduled to begin, the KEA has called a day of protest. 14 schools have announced they will close and 3 others will dismiss classes early to allow teachers to travel to Frankfort to protest the changes in coverage. I support the teachers in collective bargaining efforts but I must question the timing of this event. While having a delegation of teachers visit Frankfort during the planning stages of the special session, the logic of having school closings and mass meetings in Frankfort now escapes me. Wouldn't it serve the interest of the teachers better to stage the Frankfort gathering on Tuesday, October 5, when all of the legislators are in Frankfort and can meet with the visiting teachers?


Blogger Sarah G said...

I believe that several of the politicos are already having meetings in Frankfort. Perhaps they hope to talk to the 'big wheels' before the session begins. Another possibility: perhaps the teachers want to contact their legislators in their home towns before the session starts. Just some thoughts; I imagine they can read calendars as well as we can. :)

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