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Friday, October 01, 2004

Impressions of the Pesidential Debate

Last night's debate left me wondering how the national security issues would impact lives of people living in the 88th? Certainly the president's policies are having an impact on the everyday lives of families who have loved ones in harms way. The numbers of dead and wounded climb daily. Families are also suffering from the extended rotations, problems with supply lines, and lack of contact with family members serving in the Middle East. Last night the candidates laid out two very different views on war policy.

President Bush remains firm in his conviction that this war was the right thing to do despite the lack of evidence of those now infamous "weapons of mass destruction." He believes it is right to continue to develop nuclear weapons at the same time he is attempting to prevent other nations from developing nuclear capability. Senator Kerry's challenge of his military policy seemed to undermine the president's confidence. President Bush appeared unwilling to level with himself or the public that any mistakes or misjudgments should be laid at his door. While decisiveness is a fine quality, stubborn refusal to accept blame for one's actions is not.

I think that is particularly true on the issue of first responders. I cannot think of anything more necessary to the security of America than having enough police, EMTs, firefighters, and equipment available to these professionals. While I understand the president's argument for a strong offence, I do not believe we can afford to go without an equally strong defense. Our homeland, our homes, streets, and cities need the best first responders available. The cuts to the COPS program have directly impacted all of us. Lexington struggles with having underpaid, overworked, and under supported first responders. Our police and firefighters need more personnel, better equipment, and higher pay. Our lives and safety depend on it. Let us hope that whoever is elected next month understands this.


Blogger Sarah G said...

I came out of the debate with a better understanding of the differing perspectives of the two men. Kerry wants to build consensus and work with other nations before taking military action, while Bush prefers to push ahead according to America's (or his own) interests and see if anyone wants to help him do it.

There are some definite pitfalls to the latter approach, mostly in the area of offending potential allies and bearing the brunt of costs and consequences. Bush also seems unwilling to negotiate with other nations or to compromise to form solutions.

While this sounds like "rugged individualism", I think it is anachronistic in a global economy. Isolationism doesn't work any more (if it ever really did). Worse, this approach merely encourages greater hatred of the USA worldwide and makes terrorist recruitment all the easier. Everyone wants to whomp on a big bully.

Sarah G

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