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Monday, October 18, 2004

Yard Sign Vandalized

This weekend my "No on the Amendment" yard sign was vandalized. I find this particularly disturbing because I live on a cul-de-sac. It is likely that the vandalism was done at the hands of a neighbor. I find myself looking at the faces of my neighbors as they walk their dogs, mow their lawns, play with their children, or rake leaves. I wonder which of them could secretly hate me enough to creep onto my front lawn with criminal intent. Make no mistake. Vandalism is criminal. We reported the the destruction of our private property and trespass to the authorities. But we also regognize this act of violence as intended to frighten us.

Yes, I am scared.

No, I will not stop working against this Amendment. I have taped my sign back together and placed in back in my front lawn. I spent part of Saturday out talking to voters about why this so called "Gay Marriage Amendment" is a bad law.

This amendment doesn't just let Kentucky deny the legal benefits of marriage to same sex couples. DOMA already allows Kentucky that form of legal discrimination. This amendment is going way beyond the current legal fiction. It intended to prevent any kind of benefits similar to those given state approved marriages to _ANY_ unmarried couple. That includes you heterosexual couples! It is going to bring issues most voters haven't considered into already overtaxed Kentucky courts. What happens with emergency protective orders for unmarried couples? What about undocumented couples? How will it affect children of unmarried parents?

Let me make my position perfectly clear. This vote will not change anything real in my relationship. Kentucky's decision to pass DOMA only gives them the right to ignore the vows my wife and I took before God, our chaplain, our friends, and our family. We are as married as any other couple. All the state of Kentucky has the power to do is refuse to grant us the same benefits they give other married couples. DOMA is pure and simple discrimination. The amendment will only expand that discrimination into the heterosexual community. It is unjust. And nobody can frighten me enough to make me stop fighting for justice.


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