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Friday, October 15, 2004

Up and Moving Again

OK, so I have slept for a week or so, that doesn't mean I have stopped caring about what is happening in the 88th. I am up and moving again. There is lots to get done and very little time left before the November election. I have just been too exhausted to continue at the pace I have kept for the past year.

I am a thyroid cancer survivor. Most of the past month has been spent preparing for the full body scans necessary to see if the cancer has returned. Thankfully, it has not. But the low iodine diet and giving up my synthroid (the synthetic thyroid hormones which make it possible for me to function without a thyroid) make preparing for the scans a long, difficult, exhausting process. I am glad to not to have to face the day-by-day energy drain again until 2006.

Even in the last week of the test cycle I did manage to accompany my wife in distributing yard signs for Ross Stinetorf. I believe it is critical to assist him in any way possible in replacing Fletcher appointee Tim Philpot as Family Court Judge in Fayette County. Unlike his opponent, Mr. Stinetorf has solid experience in family court and no interest in using the family court bench as a stepping-stone to other offices. I believe he possesses a deeper understanding of the problems presented to the family court and the good judgment to make the right decisions on the bench. With less than three weeks until the election I encourage everyone to give any time you can to helping Ross Stinetorf win a seat on the family court bench.


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