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Tuesday, October 19, 2004

Lamin Swann: Put hard worker in legislature

Last week, Bill Farmer was endorsed for the 88th LD by the Lexington Herald-Leader. Here is Lamin Swann's response:

Put hard worker in legislature
By Lamin Swann

If voters elect me to the General Assembly, I will not be a placeholder. In my first term, I will be involved in the process immediately and will work harder than anyone in the legislature.

Without a good education, our children will not have the tools to succeed in the future. I will fight to restore funding in all sectors of education. I won't use schools and children as sacrificial figures to supplement unnecessary agendas. I vow to fight for increased funding to compensate teachers with salaries comparable to those of neighboring states.

Kentuckians are paying excessive amounts for health care, sacrificing basic necessities to buy U.S.-produced pharmaceuticals that can be purchased more cheaply from Canada. I would introduce legislation to get the ball rolling to form a bargaining compact with Canadian pharmacies to lower prescription drug prices for all Kentuckians.

Fayette County is being shortchanged on its share of services, and I will work -- in my first term -- to acquire the county's fair share.

Although Lexington is a growing city, it is still known for its champion horses and spacious farms. To keep the state's $4 billion equine industry viable and profitable, I would work to provide economic incentives and tax reform to stimulate the industry, a jewel of Kentucky.
We need well-funded education for our children; affordable, accessible health care; and a progressive economy for all Kentuckians now. Constituents shouldn't have wait two years while their representative continues to get a feel for the House.


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