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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

What is Fletcher Cheering About?

Our governor seems to be in a state of bliss at the prospect of having a new budget passed this legislative season. Why the unbridled joy? The last time I looked, it was a legal mandate that the legislature pass a budget. Has the morass in Frankfort become such a pervasive part of Kentucky life that press conferences are necessary to boast about elected officials doing the most basic part of their jobs? If so, it is a dismal commentary of the state of our commonwealth.

Fletcher has unleashed the hounds of greed, pandering, and corruption upon the citizenry. We are not yet sure what the final version will be, but the budget Fletcher is boasting about holds a healthy dose of that favorite Republican tactic, "borrowing and spending", for new construction projects, including more than $65 million for Republican strongholds in Northern Kentucky. Similar versions of the 18 billion dollar package have passed both houses and, if the details can be worked out in committee, will saddle the state with a hefty amount of new debt over the next few years.

Republicans have led the state government down a path of pandering, graft, corruption, and greed. Fletcher's hiring practices, his attempts to raid education funding, and his efforts to thwart justice should rate impeachment. Yet, the governor is confident of gaining a second term. It is time to send a message to Frankfort. Let's make a few changes. For those of us living in the 88th, we can start by tossing out Governor Ernie Fletcher, Representative Bill Farmer, and Senator Alice Forgy Kerr.

Passing a budget in the current climate may be cause for a sigh of relief, but not a major celebration. The current Frankfort crowd is entrenched in the failures and unbridled corruption of Fletcher's administration. The glad-hand politicking which has tarnished "White Knight" Ernie Fletcher's administration has been supported by the Republican lackeys currently sitting both houses. This time around, let's kick them both out and have a fresh start.


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