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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Update: Bill Farmer, R-88 and the Bullying Bill

This is twice now that Farmer has called me back about a message I left. I phoned him about HB 270, the anti-bullying bill. A similar bill was proposed last year to stop bullying in the schools, but bullying/intimidation over sexual orientation was included with race, religion, etc. as a type of unacceptable behavior, and the bill was torpedoed by the "Family" Foundation of Kentucky as a 'gay rights bill in disguise'. In other words, bullying and threatening gay kids is a cherished Christian right.

This year, the language was much simpler and didn't single out any 'reasons' for bullying. However, in defense of that cherished right, Mike Harmon (R-Junction City) quickly filed amendments specifying that nothing required or trained should go against anyone's individual religious beliefs. If it gets passed with the amendment intact, it'll take some Muslim kid beating up a Christian kid and claiming 'jihad' to get it struck down. We know this amendment only applies to people sharing Harmon's religious beliefs.

I called the Message Center, and asked that Bill Farmer support the bill, but not the amendment. I stated that bullying and intimidation were never acceptable. Farmer returned my call, and said that he did vote to let the bill out of committee, and against the amendment. I expressed my appreciation for this, and told him that any religion who thought threats and bullying were okay was not a good religion.

Farmer said that a similar bill had been proposed the previous year, but had been snarled up for 'some reason'. I've noticed that he tends to dissemble when gay issues are involved. He voted the way I wanted, though, at least in this case.

I suspect that he’s hoping to create a contrast between himself and Fred Brown, his opponent in the GOP primary. Brown is virulently anti-gay and is a staunch Christian fundamentalist. Farmer appears to be postioning himself the 'moderate' candidate. Republicans reading this blog might want to take notice before going to the polls.

Sarah G


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