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Monday, November 14, 2005

House seat for the 88th a race - for the GOP

It was reported in today's Herald-Leader that the primary for the 88th legislative district will present a choice for Republicans. Fred Brown, former Lexington city councilman, has announced his intentions to run for the seat.

Hmm. Two Republicans, both accountants. Any differences?

Farmer is a relatively inactive rep who tends to vote the GOP party line. He hasn't particularly spearheaded anything pleasing or offensive.

Fred Brown, who is definitely noticeable as a politico, has both plusses and minuses.

On the one hand, he was described as 'invaluable' when it came time to do the Lexington budget. A legislator who can complete a budget has been a rarity in Frankfort during recent years.

On the other hand, he did everything he could to block passage of Lexington's Fairness Ordinance, calling job protection 'special rights'. He was also a pivotal figure in the failure of a December 2004 attempt to put the issue of water company ownership up to a public vote.

The Republicans, it seems, have to decide between a shrinking violet who hasn't done much in office and a strong (but narrow-minded) personality whose scope of influence will be strongly limited as a freshman rep. First-time representatives are ineligible to serve on the Appropriations and Revenue Committee, which oversees state spending.

What about the Democrats, you ask?

So far, no one has put their name forward. If members of the GOP think that their own incumbent is a do-nothing, what is stopping Democrats in the 88th from considering a run?

Just wondering.

Sarah G


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