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Thursday, October 13, 2005


Chalk this one up to the anything and everything concept of this blog because today I am writing about something that is not yet making an impact on our lives.

I won't be surprised if you haven't heard about H5N1. Americans don't usually think a lot about what is happening other countries. Fortunately for us, this little killer hasn't arrived here yet. Yes, I said killer. H5N1 is the strain of bird flu that is passing into humans. It has been credited with killing 60 people in Asia. Now it has spread from Northern Turkey to Romania. Chances are it will be making its way through Europe and from there to North America.

Why worry about this when it isn't anywhere near us? Because now we still have time to prepare. We can stockpile vaccine. We can take health precautions. We can ban the import of poultry or feathers from affected areas. If prevention becomes a priority now, if we prepare, if at risk populations get flu shots... Yes, there are a lot of questions, but there is also time. Time is either our friend or our foe depending on what we do now. This is the time to make an investment in preparing for the virus, before it mutates into a human pandemic strain.


Blogger Sarah G said...

As I recall, the influenza epidemic of 1918, which killed millions, was also a 'bird flu'.

Sarah G

10:58 AM  

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