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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Bush's Mangled Cliches are Keys to His Character

If clichés are the realm of the small minded, what can we say about the mind of George W? We have been treated to such classic idioms as "that doesn't amount to a hill of figs.." (Second Inaugural Address). Our president makes me grateful for term limits. Eight years of watching one of the most small-minded men to ever step into public life stab, mangle, and warp language into a twisted hodgepodge of mangled clichés and twisted phrases. His puzled chimp expression, and defensive pose as he mangles our language, offer up the key to his character. They unlock the very essence of his life.

History will judge Dubya harshly. With good reason: our president is a man who couldn't bother to show up for Guard duty, yet, is now an insufferable Chicken Hawk. He and the Cheney Machine manipulated the facts and lead the country into war and occupation of Iraq to "get the 9-11 terrorists." The twisting of language allowed him to whip the public into war with a country that was not involved in the 9-11 attack on the pretext that we had to get rid of Iraq's "known weapons of mass destruction". He appeals to the smallness in others, and encourages us to forget that those weapons were never found. To question his war machine is equal to treason.

The 'great man' is an intellectual lightweight, a reactionary defender of his lame policies and his friends.' The "Friends of Bill" never had it so good as the "Friends of Dubya." W is nothing but loyal to his small circle. He is the great protector of the status quo, at heart, an overly simplistic capitulator to oil interests who spends like a drunken sailor and not asks everyone outside his circle to pay for it. The poor, the middle-class, the elderly, and the infirm are asked to make cuts while the rich get greater tax breaks.

Let Arnold keep his Hummer; it makes him look like a tough guy and serves as an example for the rich. Even he could not stand too close to W on that last Republican fundraising trip to California. Perhaps a photo-op wasn't such a good idea for the governor of a state with California's problems. Arnold's state was enforcing fuel conservation measures while Bush was holding hands with and kissing the Saudi prince.

Our largest foreign supplier of oil is Saudi Arabia, which is the home country for most of the 9-11 terrorists and for OBL himself. You are using an unnecessary amount of oil resources imported from one of the most repressive regimes in the world where zealots like the 9-11 gang are tolerated and in some quarters are encouraged. Arnold knows it isn't good for his image to be seen next to a president residing over the torture of prisoners (California still struggles with the WWII legacy of Japanese internment camps).

We don't live in Dubya's delusional world. His character easily mangles the truth to fit his needs. Ours must not ever forget that our president lacks the capacity to grasp the difference between what he wants and what is right. We cannot forget that W planned the Iraq war before 9-11 because "that's the guy that tried to kill Dad." If we do, we are apt to become the lemmings racing behind him toward the cliff.

While I respect all of the hundreds of thousands of military personnel and sympathize the millions within their families that support our country and its policies as a matter of duty. "Duty" is what they signed on for, whether it was under Clinton or Bush. Their service and their supreme sacrifices have nothing to do with Bush and everything do to with their personal integrity to honor their duty to Country. The mangled mind of a few small-minded men in powerful positions do not detract from their deeds, rather, they highlight the difference between them and W.

I am deeply saddened by mangled clichés, half-truths, and outright lies that led them into this war. I feel enormous grief over the thousands of our people who have died in Iraq, and the tens of thousands who were permanently maimed there. I also mourn for the hundreds of thousands of Iraqis who have suffered the same fate. Dubya has abused his enormous power by invading Iraq instead of leading the world to shut down OBL and Al Qaeda. History will judge him harshly. As it should, his lack of character damns him at every turn.


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