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Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Who Will Lead in the 88th?

Christopher Frost, the Democratic legislative district chair for the 88th, wrote an editorial titled "Democrats Must Get Out There and Lead" for last Sunday's Herald-Leader. I found it interesting reading, largely because Chris hasn't done much of what he says Democrats should be doing politically.

I agree with Mr. Frost when he says the party has been adrift for some time and unable to regain its footing. We have suffered a number of defeats over many years. Those defeats moved us from the majority to the minority party in Kentucky.

The trouble with his statements comes in the follow-through. As chair of his legislative district, what has he done? He complains of the lack of content on the Democratic website, but I found no contributions from him. He talks about leading, but never returned my emails to him during the last election or made any contact with several other precinct chairs in his district (I have asked). Instead, each of us formed his or her own plan for getting out the vote. Taking initiative was good, but we could have been more effective under a central leadership.

He has found a cause in funding Kentucky education, a praiseworthy goal, but his only source choice is the expansion of gambling in the state. I am not anti-gambling. Once or twice a year, I make that trip to Indiana and usually leave a few dollars at the casino. What I am against is clinging to this issue as a salvation for the Democratic Party.

There are as many reasons why gambling is a bad issue for the Democrats as there are reasons to use it. It is a hot-button issue that will give Republicans lots of fuel to fan the "Godless Democrats" charge they love to level at us.

The real question here is: Why this issue? If Chris is thinking of using his current position in the party as a launchpad for a political career, which is what his editorial makes me think, I have a suggestion for him: Do your current job to the best of your ability, Chris. One editorial does not make a good politician or legislative district chair. When you show me and the other folks in the 88th that you are the sort of Democrat who offers something more than words, we might have more respect for what you say.


Anonymous Al said...

Your remarks are right on the mark. I've been a resident of the 88th for a decade and as yet to meet one precinct worker of either party. Let's get out on the streets, knock on some doors and put a human face on the Democratic party.

11:55 AM  

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