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Thursday, March 30, 2006

Legislature Meeting Behind Closed Doors

The General Assembly will not be meeting in Frankfort today, as budget discussions continue behind closed doors. At least this year the legislature is working on the budget, instead of wasting time helping the right-wing fanatics legislate pseudo-religious bigotry into our state constitution. I am not sure what the results of these closed-door meetings will be; so far, the House has cut recommendations for increased spending for roads by half and increased education spending. It is expected that gasoline prices will have an additional 1.8 cent tax increase to help pay for the remaining raise to the highway budget.

Whatever the final outcome to these budget sessions is, it is sure to offend someone. Kentucky simply is not generating enough money to pay for all the needed budget items. Unlike the Republican-led "borrow and spend" government in Washington, the folks in Frankfort are required to actually have the money they spend. We know fiscal responsibility is a difficult concept for Republicans to grasp, but we keep hoping that there are enough Democrats left to improve the learning curve. Judging from past Democratic-led budgets, it is a slim hope. Let us hold on to the hope that this year's budget won't include any more stupid plans for lighting crosses or hanging ten commandment plaques in schools where students lack the education to read the words. This year, for a change, let's have a legislature that can stick to basic infrastructure, education, and quality of life spending, and actually manage to pass a budget without a costly special session. Is this really too much to ask?


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