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Monday, April 11, 2005

Water Company Discussion

My neighbor and I got into a discussion of the RWE and the city council yesterday. The water company issue came up because supporters of FLOW were walking our neighborhood and asking voters to sign a petition to allow Lexington voters have the final say on Condemnation of the water company. First, let me say that Carl and I do not agree on the issue. He believes the mayor was wrong to press for condemnation of Kentucky American Water. He also believes that the issue should not be placed before the voters. I think condemnation is the right thing for Lexington. I also believe officials of Kentucky American Water bought several votes on the council through illegal campaign contributions and the only choice we have for a fair examination of the issue is to place it before the voters. That being said, our conversation was just conversation, two neighbors talking about a political issue and sharing opinions on the issue as easily as we discuss paint colors or landscaping tips.

I did not walk away with a different opinion, nor did he, but each of us took the time to talk about and think about the other side. Carl doesn't object to city ownership of the water company. What he objects to is the city acting to take over a company he believes was legally purchased and one that is doing a good job of supplying Lexington's water. I can understand his position. RWE didn't steal the company, they bought it, and he sincerely believes that the government has no right to try to take it away. I have looked carefully over the purchase, and walked away thinking that I should examine how RWE came to own our water. Since I have already outlined my reasons for supporting the condemnation efforts in past posts, I will not go into them here, but I think Carl may take a closer look at RWE and our current council.

And maybe, just maybe, a few more citizens should talk to their neighbors...really talk about what matters to Lexington. Spend a little time listening to the other side. Think about what is best for our city, our state, and our country. It might not bridge the divides we have over issues, but if all of us are thinking about what is best we are less likely to repeat some of our past mistakes.


Blogger Frank Glenn said...

While we lived in Lexington last, I was aghast at the very thought of turning over the Water Company to anyone else and, in fact, supported "publicizing" (opposite of "privatizing"??) it.

We are faced with somewhat the same issue here in Florida as our municipality wants to stop buying water from the county, sink our own wells (into an already depleted aquifer), and pay the county a fee for "standby" capacity in case of the inevitable failure or contamination. The whole idea is driven, imo, by kingdom-building and relative-hiring. But I guess you wouldn't have heard of such things up in Grayson. :)

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