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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Treading Water?

Instead of the veto I was expecting from Mayor Isaacs, she has chosen to make a counter offer to RWE. There has been speculation that her reasons for doing this are related the possibility that Councilman Wiggington would change his vote on the issue yet again. It is true that a change of position by Wiggington would give the council the necessary nine votes to override a veto by the mayor. The Mayor's demands are certainly a better deal for Lexington than the offer negotiated by Vice Mayor Scanlon. However, Mayor's attempt to tread water on this one could leave Lexington to drown. RWE is known for making unethical if not illegal contributions to politicians favorable to their interests. We cannot afford to allow a necessary utility to be run by people who routinely buy influence in local politics.

I intend to keep a close eye on what goes on with Lexington's interaction with RWE over the next few months. I would still prefer to see the issue on the ballot. But I can understand the Mayor's reservations about using veto power when Councilman Wiggingtion's commitment to the city's condemnation plan is wavering.


Blogger Sarah G said...

Looks like RWE has turned the mayor down. I don't think this was an unexpected development. Bluegrass FLOW is now circulating a petition to give voters a voice in what happens with their water. The petition can be found at:

Sarah G

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