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Thursday, February 03, 2005

How About a Remake of Groundhog Day?

Today I find myself wishing for a real life remake of "Groundhog Day," with George Bush in the staring role. I for one would like to see him go over and over the massive number of mistakes he has made until he has corrected all of them. It is a punishment fitting to the lack of vision this president demonstrates every time he opens his mouth. Ah! If it could only be like it is in the movies for this one man.

Unfortunately, this is not a movie. There is no happy ending to look forward to when the curtain falls on one of the worst presidents in American history. We are stuck with the rising death toll of Oil War II. We are stuck with the astronomical debt he is dumping on our children, our grandchildren, and us. With four years left in office, his spendthrift ways and pro war attitude may dump the debt onto any of our grandchildren's grandchildren that survive the foreign wars.

Where does it stop? Our congress has allowed him to cut taxes for his wealthy friends and corporate donors. The "No Millionaire Left Behind" administration has now set its sights on Social Security. Do we stand by and let allow him to gut the most progressive social investment of the New Deal? Social Security must not be privatized. Yes, it has problems, and those problems need to be addressed, but the only economic sense the president's plan makes is a private windfall for Wall Street fund managers.

It is time for Mr. Bush to go back to where he went wrong and redo many times as it takes to set things right.


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