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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Love and Money, Love and Money, They go Together like...

I am posting this announcement because I think the economic issues surrounding marriage make money an important consideration for all couples. I am also posting it because it is a classic example of the sort of discrimination Kentucky made law last November.

On Monday, February 14 -- Valentine's Day -- State Treasurer Jonathan Miller will host a financial summit to address how financial education can help couples build a stronger foundation for their marriages. His meeting is entitled "Money and Marriage: Forming a More Perfect Union through Financial Education." Governor Fletcher will be the Keynote speaker at this event, which includes experts in education, business, marriage counseling, and sociology, as well as members of the clergy.

Call it sour grapes if you will, but in a state which just overwhelmingly voted not to recognize my marriage, holding this type of event is a reminder that I am a second class citizen. The event throws salt in the open wound left from November's election. The irony of having Governor Fletcher as the keynote speaker is not lost on me, nor is the inclusion of clergy in the event. As the line between church and state becomes more blurred, it becomes difficult to determine which is making public policy. Those of us pushed away from the table must constantly balance our ethics against our hunger for inclusion.

In my case, at least today, ethics win. I urge everyone who is married, thinking about marriage, or dealing with the economic issues of marriage or raising children to attend the event. Below is the remainder of the message sent out by State Treasurer Miller:

The Summit will have the following four panel discussions:
* For Richer, For Poorer: a look at the socioeconomic factors affecting marriage and children.
* Bridges over Troubled Waters: an examination of the state, community, faith-based and financial planning resources that are already available for
couples who are struggling with money/marital problems.
* The Value of Prevention: How do we improve the financial health of a relationship before there is a crisis?
* Building a Nest - And a Nest Egg: how parenting issues affect finances.

The Money and Marriage summit is a continuation of Treasurer Miller's Enriching Kentucky!, a partnership of public sector leadership and private
sector know-how, aimed at empowering families to realize their financial dreams.

The event will last from 9:45am until 2:45pm at Berry Hill Mansion in Frankfort. Lunch will be provided. It is free and open to the public, but
advance registration is requested by February 10. Interested parties may register by calling Angela Burton at (502) 564-4722 or by visiting the
Kentucky State Treasury Website at


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