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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Guess Who's Going to Denver?

June 7th, Democrats from across the state gathered in Lexington to elect delegates to Denver and the new members of the KDP Executive Committee were selected. I am proud to announce that Reggie Thomas, LD chair for the 88th, will be heading to Denver! Reggie is one of only two Obama delegates representing the 6th District (the other is Libby Marshall of Franklin County). Reggie beat out a large field of contenders for this honor and was overjoyed when I spoke to him last.

I will also be going to Denver, but not as a delegate. The Democratic National Committee selected one blog from each state to receive a media credit, and Bluegrass Roots was KY's lucky recipient! I will be one of three bloggers sharing the credit at the convention in August. I'm sure Reggie will be looking over his shoulder for me.

My congratulations also go out to 88th resident Betsy Nowland-Curry, who has been re-elected to the State Executive Committee! This will be a busy year for her.

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