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Sunday, June 01, 2008

Big Day for Democrats

Yesterday was the County Caucus in Fayette County. This was the meeting where citizens vote for the people who are supposed to vote for the delegates to the Democratic National Convention - where, presumably, they vote for the candidate running for President (your mileage may vary in Florida and Michigan). Then the citizens all get to vote again, and we get a President. At least we hope we get a real one this time.

The caucus for the 88th went smoothly. We separated into Obama supporters vs. Hillary supporters, candidates were nominated and duly elected. Things did not go nearly as well in another group, where one person brought numerous relatives and they all voted for each other, locking out other prospective delegates. I guess large families do still have some advantages in urban society. The family will not be identified here because my own is much smaller and they could beat us up.

Afterwards, there was much talking (and bitching) in the parking lot outside Fayette County Democratic Headquarters. The get-together was extended to a 'Pork and Awe' barbeque for people planning to watch the DNC committee decision on their disobedient brethren. Rather than please the Hillarites by restoring the delegates in full or please the Obamians by denying them, the DNC decided to piss everyone off by giving them half-votes. Solomon would be proud.

Later in the evening, several leading lights of the party went to The Dame to watch Palao, The Scourge of the Sea, and Chico Fellini perform in one of the final concerts the venue will host. My spouse and I were introduced to many activists, all younger than us, and had the pleasure of introducing Jennifer Miller to Dickie Haydon's father. The next morning, I learned that people over 40 don't have to drink alcohol in order to feel hung over from a long night of partying.

Addendum: After the city rubberstamps the Webbs' project, also in violation of regulations (if only the DNC could intervene!), the Webbs plan to seek a music venue for their phallic projection, but The Dame will not be a candidate. Really, it shouldn't be: the Webbs certainly wouldn't want acts that weren't preapproved performing in their building, and new music doesn't fare well under those conditions. Let's hope some other hole in the wall opens soon.

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