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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Chandler: Wimping out on the Immigration Issue

Rep. Chandler is trying too hard to compromise on the immigration issue. His response to my letter plainly states that he knows it is a serious problem. Why, then, does he support this watered-down version of real reform and the utterly ignorant supposition that building a fence across our borders would stop the influx of illegals?

Come on people, I cannot be the only one who sees that this legislation is unworkable. Tell your legislators that we need legislation with teeth. The kind of legislation that addresses the real problem: employment.

Washington legislators are suffering epidemic cranial-rectal inversion. Perhaps instead of pay raises, tax payers should donate money for a crowbar to assist in the surgical removal of their heads from their a**holes.

There is a way to stop the financial bleed our healthcare, education, and welfare systems are facing. Let me spell it out:

1.) Register all illegals now living in the U.S. How? Let them prove they have been here for at least 90 days prior to the registration start date.

2.) Remove the penalties punishing them for being here. We cannot blame people for wanting a better life. But we can make it clear that they must achieve that life through honest efforts. Besides, punishing tactics are only driving people deeper into the shadows. I believe blanket removal of penalties is the only way to get illegals out of the shadows, and provide them protection against the people that prey on them now. It would also give us an idea of how extensive the problem has become.

At the time of registration, those here would be issued a social security card, temporary worker ID, and be required to obtain employment.

2) Employers are the key to 95% of all illegals in the U.S. (no work, no problems). Businesses must accept responsibility for enforcement when the temporary worker cards are issued. Those who don’t should be swiftly and severely punished. This is where the teeth come in. Instead of punishing impoverished illegals, punish the people who attract them to this country and dump them on the mercy of the nation's safety net.

This approach is the only one that will work to curb illegal immigration. It would punish the real criminals who are draining our economic resources to line their own pockets. It would also make coming to America less attractive to would-be immigrants, and improve living conditions for those already here. When word gets out that illegals are no longer being hired, there will be a greatly reduced need for "border security" to protect us from these workers. Let's focus on real threats, like drug smugglers and terrorists.

3) As far as granting citizenship: everyone should follow the exact same steps. If they pay their taxes, learn English, follow all laws, work hard, and support our country, they will be eligible for citizenship, and I will welcome them as my neighbors.

4) We don't need walls and fences. We need enforcement on our side of the border to make any system workable. Also, there must be money for enforcement. Congress is good at making laws, but they rarely provide funding to enforce these laws.

5) Let's make it clear to everyone that this is a social and economic issue. Our economy cannot survive the continued drain forced upon American citizens by unscrupulous profiteers. There is a reason we have labor laws. They don't just protect workers, they protect the national interest by preserving the health and welfare of citizens. When the political parties quit playing fast and loose with big money interests, they won't have as much trouble creating the kind of policies that will work. Instead of this watered-down and useless legislation, let's insist they get it right the first time.



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