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Thursday, May 24, 2007

O, Frabjuous Day!

(with apologies to Two Lumps)

The Kentucky Primary is over, and no runoffs are scheduled for June. It’s a miracle!

Our endorsed candidate, Jonathan Miller, dropped out of the race with about two weeks to go. Change For Kentucky endorsed Steve Beshear, and my wife and I were soon phonebanking and sending personal postcards on his behalf. It seems to have paid off, since Beshear won by a commanding lead over his five opponents, enough to win the nomination without a June race.

In equally good news, Jerry Lundergan announced that he would be stepping down as party head, and our man Jonathan’s name is being floated as his replacement. I hope this will lead to a newly united KDP with a new vision for the party's future.

In the meantime... I intend to enjoy my break from canvassing and phonebanking. Plus, no TV ads for a while! It should be a good summer.


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