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Friday, July 15, 2005

The Karl Rove Problem

There has been a lot of talk this week about the need for the Bush administration to fire Karl Rove. This is the wrong question at the wrong time. Our system of justice demands that everyone be presumed innocent until proven guilty. It is too soon to be talking about firing Mr. Rove. It is not too soon to remove him from his position pending investigation.

Treason is the most serious crime one can commit against a country. The accusations against Rove warrant launching an investigation. Those accusations do not warrant either the administrations efforts to protect Rove or the Democrats launching a "Fire Rove" campaign.

The fact that our nation is debating his job prospects rather than launching an investigation into his actions reveals the underlying problem with the current political climate in the United States. It is time we stop playing politics. We must return reason and the rule of law to our national government. Both parties know that our national security depends on those with security clearances keeping sensitive information confidential. If Rove is guilty of revealing the name of an undercover agent to the press he should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. If he is not, he deserves the right to defend himself in a court of law. Either way, we have a responsibility to Mr. Rove and to the nation to find the truth.

Finding the truth is a responsibility we cannot afford to take lightly. The Karl Rove problem is adding to the larger credibility problem at the core of American politics. It must be addressed quickly and decisively. Most of all, we must put aside partisan politics to achieve impartial justice.


Blogger Sarah G said...

Looks like the White House is setting up someone to fall on their sword to protect Rove.

Check out:

The real question to ask at this point: why did Dubya lie about those WMDs in his State of the Union address before the war, and why, when it was revealed to be false, did we rush to war anyway?

Sarah G

1:44 PM  

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