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Monday, April 25, 2005

In-justice Sunday

Yesterday I attended two different rallies protesting the "Justice Sunday" broadcast taking place at Louisville's Highview Baptist Church. Much has been written about both the broadcast and the protest. I do not want to replace your newspapers for reporting on the events, so I will include the links to their reports. My own comments are brief, and concern only why I consider this event unjust.

First, let me say, I am deeply religious and regularly worship, but I am not Christian or Republican. I resent the Republican's theft of the term "person of faith". As a person of faith, I find the injustice of the Republican Party attempting to use Christians to push their agenda particularly sickening. The injustice is not just the exclusion of those Americans who are of other faiths. That exclusion was highlighted by choosing Passover as their "Justice Sunday." The far greater injustice is to come between people of the Christian faith who do not belong to the Republican Party and their God.

How can the Republican Party stoop so low as to attempt to steal God from those Christians who are not Republican? There is no more sacred relationship. Nor is there any justification for intruding upon a person's faith to promote a political agenda. I know it is not the first time Republicans mistook electoral victory for Divine mandate. Long ago, there was another Republican Congress that attempted to make God into a Republican. At that time, they had a wiser leader. President Abraham Lincoln refused to join with Congress in prayers for God to be on his side of the political spectrum. He thought it better that Congress pray to be on God's side. In that prayer, I would be happy to join with Christians and Republicans. I am sure that Americans of many faiths would join in that prayer.

And now, some links:

1) Today's Courier-Journal has detailed coverage of all the events, including a picture gallery:

2) The New York Times article:

3) Herald-Leader story:

4) The Washington Post reports that Democrats are holding firm.


Blogger Frank Glenn said...

As you know, I'm equally incensed over the "highjacking" of the term "person of faith" by this cabal of closet fascists. We will always the pursuit of the credulous by sleazy politicians, but I only hope that people see Bill Frist for what he will be if he can muster sufficient support for a presidential run in 2008; a devisive force in a country that needs "God's politics" as Jim Wallis calls it.


8:31 PM  

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